About HO-MA

HO-MA introduces itself.
Who we are. How we work. What we can do.

In short

Founded in 2007, HO-MA has been operating successfully in the special machine construction sector to this day. We are your transport and feeding system supplier, focusing on pharmaceutical, consumer and food. We supply our customers worldwide, from Ilshofen, between Schwäbisch Hall and Crailsheim. They benefit from a wide range of machines and comprehensive service. We offer custom solutions for complex tasks. Our claim is to find ways.

Our claim

The highest quality, reliability and ease of operation of our machines is our highest priority. If there are any special requirements, we finish the components manually down to the very last detail. We guarantee our customers compliance with the highest standards and do so at fair prices.

„We refine our components manually to meet
the highest industry requirements.“

We meet the following industry requirements:


Guidelines and safety

We work according to FDA and GMP guidelines and meet the highest hygiene standards with our facilities and tools.

Our machines are designed to operate only as long as safety precautions are observed.

Quality: Materials and processing

We exclusively use high-quality materials for our products. We use acid-resistant stainless steel and FDA-approved plastic.

Our products fulfil highest quality standards:

We use ground and polished surfaces for our products. We give parts that come into contact with products a special manual brush polish finishing.

Stainless steel specifications:

For the pharmaceutical standard:
V2A – 1.4301 – Ra 1.6
For the pharmaceutical classic / contact with product, including material certificates:
V4A – 1.4404 – Ra 0.8 (manual work)

Our product portfolio

Within transport and feeding technology, we offer standard modules that help you make full use of your available space and add to your systems as needed. Going beyond the standards, we work with you to develop customised solutions that reliably meet your requirements.

Engineering and design services are as much part of our expertise as the service topics of procurement and assembly.If standards cannot be used, we find a way.

We are there for you

We take care of your tasks quickly and on time. From the ordering to implementation and beyond, we are at your side providing you support and advice with all service issues. Whether relocation, conversions or extensions, we support you with the proper installation of your system.

„For us, reliability is a prerequisite for a good working relationship.“

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Our network

HO-MA is a member of Packaging Valley. Packaging Valley Germany e.V. is a packaging machine construction network that combines diverse and complementary expertise in the region surrounding the towns of Schwäbisch Hall and Crailsheim. This makes us part of a strong and innovative network.

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